About Us

Robert Celllucci is a touring country music artist mainly based on the east coast of the United States. He has been playing music since he was twelve years old. He started off with playing alternative music until one day his mom said to play some country, that is where he fell in love with the genre. 

When thinking about being a traveling artist I feel that there is pressure around being a country music singer but I feel like I was born into it. It comes extremely naturally to me and it’s something that I truly enjoy. Being up on the stage and being on live-streaming comes like second nature. When I am on tour with the band, the entire atmosphere becomes electric and magnetic. 

 As a band, over the past 3 years we have been doing live shows up and down the east coast. Due to the results of Covid, the band and also solo shows were cancelled or postponed throughout the year of 2020. Since there are some places opening back up, Robert Cellucci has started to book solo shows as well as full band shows. Check on availability through the “Upcoming Shows” link on the home page.